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Keks and Kuchen are in their bakery one day, when they decided to make a contest to determine who is the better stuffer.

Keks: I can stuff person with tons of food till it explodes.

Kuchen: In the dreams of yours, I can stuff tons of people way faster than you will do.

Keks: Oh nein, you're not thinking about ein contest, ja?

Kuchen: Ja, we will stuff each other with sweets that we made.

Keks: I think you are making ein great deal of this.

Kuchen: Whoever wins, will stuff the losers underpants with the rest of the sweets.

Keks: All of the sweets?

Kuchen: All of the sweets, regardless of your undergarment size, nein.

Keks: May the best stuffer win.

Kuchen: And the stuffed enjoy ein sweet panties.

Keks and Kuchen gathered some sweets and began stuffing each other with them.

Keks: Hope you like it, it's delisious.

Keks stuffed a whole cake into Kuchen's mouth, he swallowed it whole.

Kuchen: Oh ja? Eat this!

Kuchen stuffed two dozen doughnuts down Keks mouth and she swallowed them whole.

Kuchen: Like it?

They went at it for two hours, in which at this point, they ran out of food to stuff. They are nearly identical in size.

Keks: Check the scale!

Keks standed on the scale and she weighed at 342 pounds.

Keks: Ja! Top that.

Kuchen: Ja.

Kuchen standed on the scale and he weighed in 341.99 pounds.

Kuchen: Nein!

Keks: Ja, I win.

Kuchen: I guess you're going to stuff sweets down my panties.

Keks: Ja, but we don't have any-

She was cut off by the beeping of the trucks with more sweets made with dead people.

Kuchen: Oh nein.

Keks: Ja! The show must go on!

Kuchen: (giggles) Nein.

Keks giggled as she stuffed a cake down Kuchen's underwear.

Kuchen: (laughs) Nein.

Keks: Ja, ja!

Keks continued stuffing sweets into her brother's panties nonstop for 5 hours and Kuchen's panties are stuffed to the limit by then.

Kuchen: Oh nein!!

Keks: (laughs) Ja, ja!

Kuchen: So many sweets in my underwear. They're gonna blow!

Keks: Ja, let's do it.

Keks quickly gathered the last of the sweets in the last truck and stuffed them in her brother panties and then they exploded.

Keks: (laughs very hard)

Kuchen: (laughs) Oh nein. My panties exploded. I love my sister for this.

The end.
Keks and Kuchen decided to contest themselves with ein sweet stuffing battle. Commission for :iconjadelh:
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